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1.  What are the size of the photos?

Below is a simple schematic of the Fuji Instax Mini vs. Fuji Instax Square.


2. How Much Does It Cost?

See the Get a Quote page to get the price for your custom package.

3. What does the price include?

Price includes:

  • To shipping with tracking
  • Return shipping
  • Taxes
  • Insurance for damaged, but not lost cameras.
  • Case
  • Extra set of batteries

4. When do the items ship?

Items ship via FedEx Express on Thursday the week prior to arrive Tuesday/Wednesday the week of the event

5. How do I return the cameras?

Simply keep all the packaging the cameras were received in and wait for us to email you a return label.  You then visit any FedEx Office/Kinkos to complete the return.

6. How many cameras and film packs should I order?

There are no hard and fast rules for the number of cameras and film packs.  Good rules of thumb are 1-2 packs (10-20 photos) per 10 people and 1 camera for every 50-75 guests. If you need more guidance please contact us. 

7. Do you ship internationally?

Current we only ship to locations in the U.S. and Canada.